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Case Summaries

Pennsylvania Expungement Attorney:

A client was convicted of Retail Theft more than five years ago when she was in High School. She recently came to us afraid that her conviction would ruin her ability to find employment. Another client came to our firm concerned about an old arrest record for drugs which still appeared on background checks even though her charges were dismissed. In both cases, we were able to Petition the court for an Expungement hearing, and successfully litigate on behalf of the client at the hearing. In each case, the Court entered an Order commanding all agencies to destroy all records of the client. We obtained certified Orders of the Expungement We then served the Orders on every court, police department, and agency commanding the destruction of all records in each matter. RESULT: Each client has their criminal records and arrest records expunged.

Bucks Drunk Driving (DUI/DWI) Attorney:

A client was arrested for Drunk Driving following a traffic stop for minor traffic violations. Following the client's arrest, the police recovered a small amount of a controlled substance from the vehicle during an inventory search of the vehicle. In addition to the traffic violations, the client was charged with Drunk Driving, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Drug Paraphernalia. The client was facing almost two years of license suspension, a mandatory jail sentence, and numerous points on his driver license. At the preliminary hearing, we convinced the police officer to remove the traffic violations and the Possession charge. At trial, we convinced the District Attorney to enter our client into a Rehabilitative Program which permitted the dismissal of all criminal charges following a period of treatment and a small license suspension. After the dismissal was complete, we expunged the criminal record. RESULT: Drunk Driving case dismissed, 30 day license suspension, and Criminal Record expunged.

Bucks County Drug Attorney:

A client was arrested and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance (PWID) following a traffic stop. When the police searched his vehicle, they recovered drugs within the vehicle and on the client. The client was facing a 3 to 6 year mandatory state prison sentence based on the total quantity of the drugs found. During pretrial hearings, we filed a Motion to Suppress evidence challenging the unconstitutional search of the client's vehicle. The Court agreed that the police violated our client's right by searching his car without a warrant. The drugs found in the vehicle were suppressed. At trial, we presented evidence that the remaining drugs found on the client were for his own personal use. The court agreed and found the client Not Guilty of Intent to Deliver. The client was sentenced to probation for possession of the remaining drugs. RESULT: Client found Not Guilty of Possession with Intent to Deliver, avoided a 3-6 year mandatory sentence, and was sentenced to probation.

Drug Forfeiture Attorney:

A client retained our firm when her car was confiscated by the police following the arrest of her boyfriend for selling drugs while driving the vehicle. The police seized the car pursuant to the Drug Asset Forfeiture Statute and intended to sell the vehicle at auction. We immediately petitioned the court on behalf of the client for the Return of the Property. We investigated the case, gathered evidence, and interviewed witnesses that established our client was unaware of the actions of her boyfriend. We were successful at the Return of Property hearing and convinced the Court that our client was an innocent owner of the property. RESULT: The Court Ordered the immediate return of the vehicle to our client.

Philadelphia Nunc Pro Tunc License Attorney:

A client previously forgot about and/or failed to respond to a minor traffic citation. Under Pennsylvania law, his license was indefinitely suspended by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. A few months later, the client received a ticket for Driving Under Suspension (75 PCSA 1543a), and pled guilty without knowing the consequences or penalties. More than 30 days after he pled guilty, he received notice of a mandatory one year license suspension from PennDOT. The client could no longer appeal his conviction. Our firm was able to Petition the court and receive special permission to reopen the conviction. At the summary hearing, we were able to amend the Driving Under Suspension ticket to a Failure to Produce License violation. We then contact the Department of Transportation with the updated record. RESULT: We eliminated the mandatory driver license suspension.

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