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Bucks County Prescription Drug Charges Attorney

Put an Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Law enforcement and prosecutors in Bucks County and throughout Pennsylvania are aggressive in arresting and punishing those accused of prescription drug crimes. Once arrested, most people are surprised to find that the law treats prescription drug offenders just as harshly as those facing meth, cocaine or heroin charges.

At The Law Office of Niels C. Eriksen Jr., LLC, we have 15 years of experience defending against all types of drug charges, including those involving prescriptions. We represent clients who are in many ways victims themselves: victims of medical professionals who are quick to prescribe addictive drugs without considering a support system for those who become dependent on the drugs; victims of a criminal justice system that makes no distinction between a hardened criminal and a good person who is struggling with addiction.

Aggressive Defense Against Prescription Drug Offenses in Pennsylvania

Led by experienced Bucks County prescription drug charges lawyer Niels C. Eriksen, we intelligently, tirelessly and passionately defend our clients' rights against prosecutors seeking as many convictions as they can get. We have the skill and knowledge needed to defend you against allegations related to:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Doctor shopping
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Trafficking in prescription drugs
  • Illegal distribution of prescription drugs

Some of the most common controlled substances involved in criminal prosecutions are:

  • OxyContin
  • Oxycodone
  • Percocet
  • Xanax
  • Vicodin

Uncovering All Possible Weaknesses in the Case Against You

We do not take any drug crime lightly. We thoroughly investigate every case, go to great lengths to locate witnesses and then analyze the evidence against you. We will scrutinize the behavior of arresting officers to determine whether they violated the law. We have won many cases because of issues with search and seizure violations by officers and other forms of misconduct. We will develop a defense strategy tailored to the unique facts of your case.

Charged With Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs? A Philadelphia Lawyer Can Help.

If you have been accused of a prescription drug crime in Pennsylvania, do not hesitate to reach out to The Law Office of Niels C. Eriksen Jr., LLC, for help. Open during weekly business hours, we respond to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our attorney also makes jail visits and bail hearings.

For a free consultation, call 215-375-7914 or toll free 877-880-8123. You can also contact our law firm online.

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